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    Poésie et légèreté face a face by Hopare


  2. I’m trying to think, don’t confuse me with facts.
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    NATURE & DESIGN - Green design ideas inspired by nature l Via

    1. & 2. Picnyc Table - Image credits: haikocornelissen.com
    3. Grass Flip-Flops - Designed by Kusa
    4. Living Moss Bath Mat - Designed by Nguyen La Chanh
    5. Growing Jewelry - Designed by  Hafsteinn Juliusson
    6. A Wearable Planter - Designed by Colleen Jordan
    7. & 8. Green Umbrella Stand - Designed by Simon Enever
    9. & 10. Dilston Grove - Designed by Ackroyd & Harvey

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  4. So thats how they do it

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    its weed in this newspaper 

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    Photorealistic pastels of the Maldives by Zaria Forman

    Follow this girl on insta, shes amazinggg and constantly working on something new and beautiful


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    Write this on my gravestone

    Fuck a gravestone I’m making it my damn ‘about me’

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    1. Me in 5th grade: I will never smoke or drink or do any drugs ever
    2. Me now: I probably wouldn't do meth


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    British researchers have created the ‘new black’ of the science world - and it is being dubbed super black.

    The material absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of light, a new world record, and is so dark the human eye struggles to discern its shape and dimension, giving the appearance of a black hole.

    Named Vantablack, or super black, it also conducts heat seven and half times more effectively than copper, and is ten times stronger than steel.

    It is created by Surrey NanoSystems using carbon nanotubes, which are 10,000 thinner than human hair and so miniscule that light cannot get in but can pass into the gaps in between.


    My new favorite “color”

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    Tadaam! Got a tattoo from Cyril today!! So happy!! Merci beaucoup!

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    Sorry not sorry, feeling rather fabulous tonight, just be happy I cropped out more boob for your viewing safety lol :p